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Looking for
awesome Proton car mats? Check out Fitted Car Mats!

Our mats are
crafted in the UK using original templates from the makers themselves, so they
fit your Proton just right. They shield your car from rain, dirt, and snow,
plus they've got waterproof backing and fireproof materials for extra safety. They
come with a manufacturer's warranty, so you know you're getting top-notch
quality to keep your Proton protected.

from a supreme range of proton floor mats by experts.

Tailored car
mats are custom-made to perfectly fit your Proton, shielding your car's
interior from potential damage. Your car's floor deals with a lot—dirt, spills,
and more—making reliable car mats a smart way to maintain cleanliness.

Generally, car
mats are crafted from high-quality materials, often featuring a non-slip base
to stay securely in place. For added protection against spills and to keep
items stable, consider sturdy rubber mats.

At Fitted car
mats, we offer a diverse range of car mats designed specifically for various
Proton models. Whether it's a Proton Saga or a Proton Persona, our selection
ensures a precise fit for your footwells, providing the protection your Proton
deserves to stay neat.

Why choose
Fitted Car Mats?

We're Fitted Car
Mats, a UK-based company passionate about tailor-made mats for your ride. Our
goal? To keep your car sparkling and its insides looking top-notch. We get
it—swapping out mats all the time is a drag. They shift around, wear out fast,
and finding the right fit feels like a treasure hunt. That's where we step in!

Our tough mats
are made to endure, staying put and fitting your car like a glove. They're a
mix of style and practicality, giving your car the protection, it needs to feel
cosy inside. Teaming up with top-notch manufacturers, we've got mats that block
out debris and snow. No more slipping and sliding—just snug mats that bring you
peace of mind.